09 English 1

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Elliot Lavey

General Overview

English is one of the key learning areas in the New Zealand Curriculum and a compulsory core subject at Mount Albert Grammar School. This subject will enable you to become an effective oral, written and visual communicator who is able to think critically and in depth.

During the year you will develop your ability to make meaning out of written, oral and visual texts as well as communicate your own ideas through speaking, writing and presenting. The tasks and activities you do will help you progress through the curriculum levels and start preparing you for NCEA English.

 Homework and Wide Reading

Teachers will set specific homework tasks to suit each class and you must make a note of it in your homework diaries. All year 9 students are involved in a wide reading programme that runs throughout the year and you should be working on this at home when no other work has been set. It is your responsibility to make sure that you have sufficient reading material. You will have at least one period per. fortnight in the library to focus on reading but you are advised to visit in between these times as well. The library is open before and after school as well as at interval and lunchtime.

 Junior Graduation Points

There are 40 junior graduation points available in English (28 for academic assessments and 12 for endeavour). Specific tests and assignments are used to produce grades that will be entered into KAMAR. These are common assessment tasks. All of the students in your year level will be given the same task and assessed using the same criteria. Your teachers will provide lessons and give you exercises that will prepare you well for these assessments. 


Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

*09EN1* Supplementary costs: Approx $12