10 Dance Boys (Table B) 2 lessons per week for the whole year

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Joshua Grace

Students study learn movement sequences in a variety of dance genres including Hip Hop, Contemporary and various cultural dances. Students are introduced to the creative process of making dance using dance devices and elements for choreography and learn about dance history and contexts.

Some students may be offered the opportunity to do one NCEA Level One dance standard.

If students have previously completed Year 9 Dance to an excellent standard, they may be offered the opportunity to study Dance in an accelerated programme, earning 20 NCEA Level One credits. This will be by application and invitation only.

Depending on numbers the Dance Girls class and the Dance Boys class may be combined. 


Students must have an appreciation of dance and a desire to learn. Prior experience not necessary however preference given to those who are wishing to pursue dance for NCEA in Year 11.

or HoD Approval

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

*10DN1* - Supplementary costs: $30


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