10 Design and Photography 1 (Table C) 4 lessons per week for half a year (semester one)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Bryn Corkery.

The Year 10 Design and Photography is a new digital art course created to prepare students for senior digital art subjects such as Photography and Design and Painting.
This will be a 1 semester course where students will explore digital art making techniques and conventions to develop and communicate ideas in a digital way.
The course will be made up of 3 units, each exploring a different art making approach. These include
- Photography
- Graphic Design
- Illustration
- Animation

Students will use multiple media such as personal devices, school cameras, school computers with Adobe Software such as Photoshop and school printers to develop unique ideas and work toward set tasks.  

Students who take this course will have priority in Year 11 Photography and Design over those who have not.

This course prepares students for specifically for 11PH1- Photography and Design Visual Art programme but also for 11PN1 -Painting too.

Course Information
The course will cover:

•Exploring art making processes and conventions in a range of digital Visual Art fields such as Graphic Design, Photography and Illustration
•Practising in-depth technical skills using multiple media
•Using appropriate processes to develop unique ideas
•Looking at established artist models and genres for inspiration


HoD Approval

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

*10DP1* - Approx $10- includes personal printing, access to camera camera equipment and other technology media.
Charged Personal Devices each class