11 Drama 1

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Carmela Hughes.

Level 1 Drama offers students a range of assessment opportunities in performance, script-writing, improvisation, and theory. Throughout the year they will complete these projects:

Students will study and reflect on works of art to create a piece of theatre that is inspired by a short story. The style of performance for this unit is Physical Theatre, which includes using the body to create both realistic and symbolic movement. This is a group assessment for which the students will receive a group grade. Assessment is based on creativity and execution of their ideas.

Students will work in small groups to direct their own extract from a play. They will be responsible for selecting props, set and costumes and directing all of the performance themselves. The style of these performances will be "Comedy of Manners", a style developed in Europe - examples of plays in this style include The Importance of Being Earnest, and Pygmalion (My Fair Lady). Assessment is based on their ability to create and perform a character, and is individually assessed.

The class will perform a play across two evenings to an audience of whānau, teachers, friends and invited guests. Students will be expected to work with the teacher and their peers to develop their role and get ready for a live performance. Assessment is based on their ability to act out their role in the play and their effect on the audience, and is individually assessed.

Throughout the year we will work towards a portfolio of research and analysis of theatre for a new NCEA standard.


HoD Approval 

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

*11DR1* – Supplementary costs: $15 + cost for optional trip sometime in the year (approx $20-$25).
Theatre Blacks (plain black clothing - a top and pants/shorts)


Credit Information

You will be assessed in this course through all or a selection of the standards listed below.

This course is eligible for subject endorsement.

Total Credits Available: 5 credits.
Externally Assessed Credits: 5 credits.

Internal or
L1 Literacy Credits
UE Literacy Credits
Numeracy Credits
A.S. 91943 v3
Drama 1.4 - Respond to a drama performance
Level: 1
Internal or External: External
Credits: 5
Level 1 Literacy Credits: 0
University Entrance Literacy Credits: 0
Numeracy Credits: 0
Credit Summary
Total Credits: 5
Total Level 1 Literacy Credits: 0
Total University Entrance Literacy Credits: 0
Total Numeracy Credits: 0