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10 Music (Table B) 2 lessons per week for the whole year

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Neil Watson.


Pupils taking this course must also complete the following 

or HoD Approval

The course will cover the following aspects of music: performance, composition, aural, score reading and musical knowledge. We will concentrate on two topics of different aspects of musical knowledge.

Pupils taking this course must have lessons on their major instrument for the whole school year either privately, or as part of the school instrumental programme. Pupils must be part of a school musical group, either instrumental or vocals approved by the Head of Music. Where possible, the instrumental group will be any of our Orchestras, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Chamber Groups or Junior Jazz Band. For vocalists and instrumentalists who do not play a band-type instrument, the group will be the Mount Albert Grammar School Choir (one of our choirs) or the group that they will form themselves with HOD/Music teacher approval and guidance. Some of the groups are: the flute choir, chamber groups, jazz band, saxophone group, junior rock bands etc

Assessment will take the forms of performances, aural tests, written assignments and composition.


Year 10 (Table B) full-year options - 2 lessons per week for the whole year, Music


11 Music 1

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