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10 Outdoor Education (Table B) 2 lessons per week for the whole year

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Darren Whitehead.


Satisfactory completion of Year 9 Health and Physical Education with an interest in outdoor pursuits.

OR HoD approval

*Please note: due to the nature of the course, demonstration of schoolwide safe behaviour is paramount. There are limited places available in this course and therefore a student's performance in Year 9 and half payment of course costs is required.*

*In addition, a ballot system may be used to determine final selection.*

Course Content

Students attend two classes per week, one in a classroom and the other in a practical setting that may include the pool, climbing wall or fields. During the course of the year there will be offsite trips that will supplement school-based learning.

Please note: there are limited places available in this course and therefore a students performance in Year 9, a ballot system and half payment of the course costs may be required to determine final selection.

Units of work

  • Manaakitanga through Skateboarding and Surfing - students practice their ability to extend aroha, kindness, generosity, support and showing respect.
  • Positivity through Whitewater Kayaking - students practice being positive or optimistic in attitude.
  • Perseverance through physical challenges and Mountain Biking - students practice persisting in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.
  • Social Responsibility through Rock Climbing - students practice working for others and cooperating with others for the benefit of the wider group.
  • Self-Management through Orienteering and Camping - students practice prioritising goals, deciding what must be done, and being accountable to complete the necessary actions.

Opportunities for Feedback

Each topic will include opportunities to demonstrate the transferable skills, work in a team, demonstrate outdoor pursuit related skills and knowledge. You will then receive feedback on your 'Transferable Skills', 'Teamwork', 'Outdoor Pursuit Knowledge' and 'Outdoor Pursuit Skills'.

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A side effect of the rise of technology is that it’s made skills like communication, leadership, and cultural intelligence more important than ever. Recently, employers have started valuing these things more and the degree is no longer king. Soft skills and emotional intelligence, is not something a machine can replicate.

Students who complete Outdoor Education to Level 3 will develop their key attributes to a high level. This is often what makes them more employable, as the subject has a strong emphasis on attitude, aptitude, ambition, aspiration and attendance.

Year 13 Outdoor Education is university approved, and may lead to tertiary study for those wishing to make a career in areas linked with the outdoors. Possible jobs include Outdoor Instructor or Guide, Teacher, Challenge Course Facilitator, Environmental Educator, Event Co-ordinator, jobs in conservation, in the tourism sector (including business and marketing), and in outdoor equipment retail.


Year 10 (Table B) full-year options - 2 lessons per week for the whole year, Outdoor Education


11 Outdoor Education 1

Career Pathways

Cook, Mining Engineer, Holiday Park Manager, Sales Representative, Accounts Officer, Diversional and Recreational Therapist, Actor, Actuary, Acupuncturist, Office Administrator, Receptionist, Advertising Specialist, Copywriter, Personal Trainer/Exercise Professional, Registered Nurse, Air Force Aviator, Air Force Officer, Aircraft Loader, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Aircraft Refueller, Paramedic, Pathologist, Chemist, Police Officer, Army Soldier, Medical Physicist, Barrister, Automotive Technician, Microbiologist, Dancer, Bartender, Hotel/Motel Manager, Cafe Worker, Biochemist, Deckhand, Electrical Engineer, Outdoor Recreation Guide/Instructor, Waiter/Waitress, Cafe/Restaurant Manager, Counsellor, Midwife, Kitchenhand, Chef, Chiropractor, Emergency Management Officer, Civil Engineer, Medical Laboratory Scientist, Psychologist, Trainer, Diver, Community Karitāne, Pharmacist, Industrial Designer, Hotel Porter, Legal Executive, Solicitor, Corrections Officer, Judge, Oral Health Therapist, Diagnostic Radiologist, Dietitian, Maitre d’Hotel, Workplace Relations Adviser, Sports Coach/Official, Forensic Scientist, Gynaecologist/Obstetrician, Psychiatrist, Plumber, Gasfitter and Drainlayer, Driving Instructor, Personal Assistant, Early Childhood Teacher, Environmental Engineer, Firefighter, Fishery Officer, Marine Engineer, Food Technologist, Professional Sportsperson, Funeral Director/Embalmer, Hunter/Trapper, Gardener, Health and Safety Inspector, Health and Safety Adviser, Helicopter Pilot, Veterinarian, Primary School Teacher, Kaiwhakaako Māori, Security Officer/Guard, Massage Therapist, Ship's Master, Navy Sailor, Navy Officer, Parking Officer, Policy Analyst, Probation Officer, Recreation Co-ordinator, Secondary School Teacher, Social Worker, Tour Guide, Travel Agent/Adviser, Intelligence Officer, Psychotherapist, Career Consultant

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

*10OE1* - Supplementary costs: Approx $250