11 Agriculture and Horticultural Science 1

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: 2556311


Preferably at least 35 Academic Graduation Points in the Year 10 Agriculture & Horticulture course. You can do 11 Agriculture without having done 10 agriculture if you have an interest in the subject.

OR HoD approval

Agricultural and Horticultural Science in level 1 provides students with a basic understanding of livestock and pasture management, environmental impact and practical farm skills. Science is studied in the form of applied anatomy and physiology of both plants and animals and an investigation. The subject builds on their learning in year 10 which emphasises the central role primary industries play in the New Zealand economy.

There are five assessments in total. One is an external (exam) and the remaining four are internally assessed. 

This subject leads on to Agriculture and Horticultural Science at level 2 and 3. At Level 3 Agriculture is a University Approved subject.  From there it leads to tertiary qualifications which can be undertaken at farm cadet school, training college or (for the more academic students) university. N.B. to study agricultural or horticultural science at university it is recommended that a student studies chemistry to level 3. There is a vast range and number of employment opportunities in the primary industries.




12 Agribusiness 1, 12 Agriculture and Horticultural Science 1

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

11AG1 - Supplementary costs: Approx $65
The fees include workbooks, materials and a trip to a farm for research