The general subject of Science is compulsory for Year 9 and 10 students. It gives them a taste of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth & Space Science, in which they can choose to specialise from Year 11.

Year 9 Science

In Biology students study ecology (animal and plant reproduction), cells and work with microscopes. Chemistry introduces them to atoms, particles (different types and how they interact), the Periodic Table and gets them doing hands-on experiments to test chemical reactions. In Physics they start to learn about energy and the behaviour of waves.

Year 10 Science

In Biology students look at genetics and natural selection; Chemistry takes a closer look at the Periodic Table and more specific reactions, and introduces acids and bases with pH testing of common household products. In Physics, students start to learn about electricity, forces and motion.

Year 11 Science

 In Year 11 all students are recommended to undertake a Science course as part of their learning programme.

 There are a number of  different possibilities available to cater for the interests and career aspirations of individual students.

 Students can select from the following level one courses: 

  • General Science  11SI1 (one option line )
  • Double Sciences 11SD1 AND 11SB1 (two option lines)
  • Applied Science 11SI2 one option line)
  • Agriculture 11AG1 (one option line) – this can be done on its own or in addition to General Science, Science Skills or Combined Science