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13 Scholarship Health and Physical Education

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Jessica Wilson.


Excellence in all Level 2 PE Performance (12PF1) achievement standards.


Excellence in all Level 2 Health Science (12HE1) achievement standards.

OR HoD/HoF approval

Scholarship HPE looks to extend students who have demonstrated a high level of understanding in Level 2 Performance PE and/or Level 2 Health Science. There is a focus on developing critical thinking skills and challenging societal assumptions in preparation for the assessment.

The assessment is an ongoing document/report not an examination.

Students would be taking 13PF1 or 13OE1 and/or 13HE1.  We do accept students from outside the curriculum area but this is with HoD/HoF approval.

Those who wish to be entered into Scholarship Health and Physical Education are to select this as a backup subject. This will then generate a tutorial class which will occur 1x per week.

For further information please see Mrs Wilson (HoF + TiC of Scholarship Physical Education and Health).


Health, Physical Education