13 Calculus Scholarship

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: 2556224


Open to the top students completing Mathematics 10MTA, 12MC1,12MA1 or 13MC1. 

From Level 2 Mathematics (10MTA, 12MC1, 12MA1) students need to have achieved Excellence in a majority of the standards covered, including Algebra (clear evidence of strong Algebra skills is essential for 13MCS). Strong results in the Term 3 examinations is also expected. 

From Level 3 Mathematics (13MC1) students should have achieved at least Merit in the three externals studied (Complex Numbers, Differentiation and Integration) with evidence of Excellence thinking demonstrated throughout the year.

Students should select 13MCS to express their interest in the Scholarship Calculus course, however final decisions of entry are made by the HoF and the Teacher in charge after reviewing results and discussions with teachers around evidence of consistent work ethic and mathematical insight.


The course covers all of the Level 3 Calculus standards including those of the 13MC1 course. However, knowledge of material for internals covered in earlier years is often assumed, so sufficient prior knowledge is expected. Additional scholarship tests and assignments throughout the year form part of the assessment of this course. 

The Scholarship component is assessed through a final external examination. This course is a prerequisite for entry into the Scholarship examination.

This course is designed for those students who intend to study at the highest level and will probably proceed to University study in Mathematics, Engineering, Science and similar technological careers.

Calculus develops practical skills in differential and integral calculus. It is intended to illustrate various applications of calculus to technical problems. The theory of differentiation and integration will be enhanced and the application of these processes to real world situations will be included.

The 13MCS course includes the learning of the Level 3 NCEA standards, alongside covering Scholarship material throughout the year, therefore students not only need to be able to work at a high level, but also should be prepared to put in significant time to get the most out of the learning opportunities.



Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

13MCS - Supplementary costs: Approx $55