Software Developer Kaihanga Pūmanawa Rorohiko

Software developers create and maintain computer software, websites and software applications (apps).

Software developers may choose to become certified through associations such as the Institute of IT Professionals.

Software developers who specialise in developing or maintaining computer programs may:

  • discuss clients' computer program requirements
  • work out design specifications for programs
  • write programs
  • run tests to ensure programs and computer systems are working properly
  • maintain and upgrade programs. 

Software developers who specialise in developing websites may:

  • develop a technical plan for the website and ways to promote it online
  • suggest production methods and necessary equipment, and investigate costs for the website
  • liaise with designers and other staff to help design and maintain the website
  • integrate the technical, visual, and content aspects of the site to produce the finished product.

Physical Requirements

Software developers spend a lot of time using computers, so they need to know how to use computer equipment properly to avoid occupational overuse syndrome (OOS).

Useful Experience

Useful experience for software developers includes:

  • creating websites or games, and computer programming
  • fixing computer hardware or software problems
  • graphic design and desktop publishing
  • client or project management
  • doing software development-related study and projects
  • volunteer work involving software development, and creating websites.

Personal Qualities

Software developers need to be:

  • methodical, accurate and patient
  • able to work well under pressure, and meet deadlines
  • able to work well as part of a team, and with minimal supervision
  • skilled at problem solving and decision making
  • skilled at verbal and written communication.


Software developers need to have knowledge of:

  • computer software and systems
  • programming languages and techniques
  • the impact of programs on computer hardware (such as monitors, keyboards and printers) and other software (computer programs)
  • software development processes such as Agile
  • confidentiality, data security and data protection issues.


Software developers:

  • usually work full time and often work evenings and weekends, or might be on call
  • work in offices in conditions that may be stressful because they sometimes work to strict deadlines
  • may travel locally or overseas to meet clients.

Software Developers can earn around $110K- $160K per year.

Chances of getting a job as a Software Developer are good due to a shortage of people interested in this type of work.

Pay for software developers varies depending on skills, experience and where you work.

  • Software developers usually earn $110,000 to $160,000 a year.
  • Source: Absolute IT, ’IT Job Market and Salary Report 2023.' 

Software developers may progress to become senior developers, software architects or IT managers.

Software developers may specialise in the development, maintenance or enhancement of certain programs and software.

They may also specialise in a particular area such as:

  • website development
  • computer games
  • film and animation.

Years Of Training

1-3 years of training usually required.

There are no specific requirements to become a software developer. However, you usually need:

  • a tertiary qualification in computing, software engineering, information systems or business computing
  • or a relevant industry-based certification with well-known companies such as Microsoft or Oracle
  • or on-the-job training through internships and graduate recruitment programmes
  • or experience in related entry-level IT roles such as IT helpdesk/support technician.

You can also learn through online courses and tutorials, and work on your own projects.

Software Developer