12 Social Science Studies 3

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: 2556091


For students who do not qualify for entry into L2 Geography (12GE1) or L2 History (12HI1)
AND have at least 12 credits from 11SS3

OR at least 8 credits from L1 History (11HI1) OR Geography (11GE1) OR English (11EN1/2) and HoF approval

OR HoF approval.

Prerequisites have been reviewed in light of the Lockdown period. 

•Students will study a range of topics from the Geography, History and Social Studies areas including; the study of murder in Chicago as an urban pattern, gold mining in the Coromandel as a contemporary issue, inquiry and research into a significant historical event, Auckland based fieldwork research and social actions taken by communities to meet responsibilities.


Social Science


13 Travel and Tourism 4

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12SS3 - Supplementary costs: Nil