Calculating rank scores

Your rank score is based on your best 80 credits at Level 3 or higher over a maximum of five approved subjects. These credits are then weighted by awarding points based on the level of achievement — Excellence (4 points), Merit (3 points) or Achieved (2 points) — attained in each set of credits.

A maximum of 24 credits are counted for each approved subject. The maximum rank score is 320. Approved subjects are determined by NZQA.

  • If you achieve less than 80 credits, the rank score will be based on your total Level 3 credits gained over a maximum of five approved subjects and weighted by the level of achievement.
  • Credits obtained in required subjects do not have to be among the best 80 credits used to calculate the rank score.
  • NCEA Level 3 credits achieved before Year 13 can be counted towards the 80 best credits used for ranking.